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Four Collections A Year


I Dreams Spring Collection

The Spring Collections

Plant those seeds of dreams, set the wheels of the universe in motion!

I dreams

I Dream, a Dream of Protection & Alchemy

Moon Goddess

Divine Feminine Rising, Dancing Under The Moon

AF Collection

I am a lot spiritual and a little bit sweary!

Moon Goddess Collection

Purchases With Purpose, Promise...

My Inner Peace-Where Modern Mystic's Gather

We are delighted you're here. This is a tiny seed that will grow into a mighty oak, a force for good- We want you to know that 10% of all profits will go to a number of charities and community projects - every purchase is a purchase with purpose . 

This is my passion project, to help raise & lift the vibration of the planet through our products, our Blog with amazing spiritual teachers and our courses. To create a place for the modern mystics to gather and channel that energy into a force for good- My intention for this site is to create a ripple effect that will be felt around the globe.